Sherldine Tomlinson, MSc, owner and Registered Kinesiologist

With over 25 years of experience, Sherldine Tomlinson is passionate about helping health seekers achieve their health and wellness goals through lifestyle coaching and proper habits. She is a health and lifestyle medicine educator, a registered kinesiologist, research scientist, and owner and founder of Tomlinson Lifestyle Medicine Consulting. 

Sherldine specialises in functional rehabilitative exercise, fitness and self-care management for preventing and treating chronic conditions. She uses her Kinesiology knowledge and clinical experience in her practice and employs a holistic approach to assess and enhance your health and well-being. Her mission is to empower health seekers to take control of their health by adopting healthy habits and active living. 

In addition to her lifestyle medicine initiatives, Sherldine provides advisory services and training to organisations who are interested in starting up health and wellness programming or services including fitness, or lifestyle balance or self-care strategies for the workplace.

Sherldine practices what she preaches and lives a very active lifestyle through daily exercise and recreational sports. In her spare time, Sherldine enjoys reading, and watching hockey, basketball, baseball and Canadian Football. 


  • PhD in Biomedical Sciences (ABD)
  • MSc of Science in Applied Sport and Exercise Science 
  • Bachelor of Arts

Professional Development and Training

  • Registered Kinesiologist 
  • Certification in Lifestyle Medicine Core Competencies 
  • Certification in Exercise Physiology
  • Certification in Sports Conditioning and Nutrition
  • Certification in Sports Fitness and Nutrition
  • Certification in Sports Medicine
  • Chronic Disease Self-Management Training
  • Corrective Exercise Training
  • Continue Education in Functional Medicine