Our History

Established in 2008 under the name Missfitness 33, we first specialised in fitness services, that offered personal training and group fitness classes. In the first two years of operation, we made a small profit. At that time, other small fitness studios in the area were attracting a larger clientele. As well, the health and fitness industry were booming as people were becoming more conscious of a healthier lifestyle. From this point, we saw the need to make changes to the scope of the business and added a nutritional component as well as  bootcamp training. We also added a neighbourhood walking club which attracted both men, women and with seniors

In 2016, we updated the business offerings for a  second time. We researched the best possible way to rebrand and renamed a new health promotion initiative called lifestyle medicine. We subsequently changed the business name to Tomlinson Lifestyle Medicine Consulting (TLMC) and integrated some of its components to the existing services.  


Lifestyle medicine is recognised as a comprehensive, evidence-based approach to better improve health outcomes and enhance well-being. Health care professionals around the world are now adopting its principles to combat the increase in chronic disease and to reduce the incidences of obesity that we are globally witnessing. 


Inclusive of a lifestyle medicine approach, Tomlinson Lifestyle Medicine Consulting provides quality services to help health seekers reach their health and wellness goals in addition to organisational clients.


We recognise that unhealthy behaviours lead to mortality, morbidity and disability. Our mission is to promote self-care and healthy habits for lifelong health.


We foster good health through positive lifestyle choices, active living and healthy eating.

Health Care Coverage

TLMC is fully licensed, insured and accepts most insurance and work claims. click here for more information.

Please note: Kinesiologist services in Ontario is now recognised by the Canada Revenue Agency as medical practitioners for the purposes of the medical expense tax credit. click here  and for more information.