We provide Lifestyle Consultancy, Lifestyle Exercise Rehabilitation, Lifestyle Coaching, and Lifestyle Fitness solution by a Registered Kinesiologist. 

What we do!

Lifestyle Consultancy

Lifestyle medicine is an innovative scheme that is weaving across all health spectrum and now finding its way through the workplace. Employees are critical stakeholders in organisations; their health matters as much as their productivity. Traditional wellness programs may not be enough to keep your employees well.

Let us help you plan, develop, and deliver lifestyle initiatives like clinical exercise integration, fitness and health programming's, and corporate health promotion projects (e.g. lifestyle balance activities and monthly wellness events) for your organisation to improve the health and well-being of staff.

As a component of our planning and delivery approach, we use a wellness logic model design and perform an environmental scan SWOT analysis to improve positive outcomes and produce organisational growth. We work with organisations and customise projects to serve their needs and to support their goals.

We also serve as an agency that can find and book guest speakers to deliver lunch and learn wellness seminars or training for your organisation.


Getting You Back In Motion!

We offer Kinesiology as lifestyle rehabilitation medicine and specialise in aspects of preventative care to treat physical injuries and chronic conditions. 


Kinesiologists are licensed and are Registered health care professionals that have a four-year university undergraduate degree in Kinesiology or related health field. Kinesiologists are regulated by the College of Kinesiologists of Ontario and must abide by the College’s standards and regulations. 


Kinesiologists are recognised as clinical specialists and as the preferred provider of applied and practical solutions for the prevention and management of physical injury, disability,  chronic diseases, fitness, and the overall improvement of health and performance. 

We employ a holistic approach and use the science of Kinesiology to help health seekers enhance their health and wellness goals.

We also design and deliver fitness sessions and individually tailored workouts. To help boosts your metabolism so you can burn fat and gain muscles, our training regimen includes high intensity interval training (HIIT), Bootcamp style workouts and Zumba.

Our fitness programmes includes fitness assessement, tailored exercise prescription, seniors exercise, and group fitness. 

Note: Kinesiologist services in Ontario is now recognised by the Canada Revenue Agency as medical practitioners for the purposes of the medical expense tax credit.  Click here for more information.


Lifestyle Coaching

Lifestyle coaching can help you to take control of and improve your health. No matter what our current health, financial, mental, economic, or social situation is, we have options that we can choose to take care of our health and well-being. No one is too young or too old to start a healthy lifestyle.

Learn how to improve your wellness, self-care and build your self-esteem to the highest by joining our lifestyle balance workshops. Workshops are held on the last Saturday of each month and are available in person or online via Skype.  

With a holistic approach, we show you how to balance your life with positive self-care habits and coping strategies. You will have the opportunity to participate in self-care activities including, mindfulness play, meditation, nature walks and other recreational activities.